BHS Rear Hubs.jpg

 Rear hubs come in a variety of colors at no extra cost.  Shimano 11 speed cassette bodies are standard; let me know if you need Campy.  A spacer ring is available at no charge if you are running a 10 speed cassette.  The rear hubs feature a patented 6 pawl system.  The pawls are in two groups of 3 which are clocked slightly apart.  This results in a 7.5 degree engagement ... very fast.  This is one of those things that enhances the ride without you even knowing it's there..

BHS Front Hubs.jpg

All of the standard hubs feature easily replaceable cartridge bearings.  Anyone that has ever had to adjust cone/cup bearings will nod in approval.  The cartridge bearing design also allows for a lighter hub design.  There are options to use hubs with larger bearings if you are a really big rider or if you ride a lot in bad conditions.


Looking to upgrade your hub selection?   I have access to White Industries, Industry Nine, DT Swiss, Chris King, Shimano, Campagnolo, Tune .... you name it and I have probably used it.  Contact me for specific pricing if you are interested in an upgraded hub.  Powertap hubs are also available if you're looking to add some more data to your training.  Saris' price reductions have put powermeters well within reach of the everyday Joe (or Jane.)



 All carbon wheels are built with Sapim CX-Ray spokes.  The standard for alloy wheels (unless noted) are Sapim Laser and Race (drive side) butted spokes.   Sapim CX-Ray's can be substituted for a nominal charge.  I can also provide other spoke brands as well if you have a strong preference.

All rear wheels are laced at least 2x on BOTH sides.  I'll leave my ranting about radial spokes on rear wheels for another time.  Alloy nipples are used on the front wheels and the non-drive side rear spokes.  Brass nipples are used on the drive side rear spokes. 


Standard builds are 20 front/24 rear spoke counts.  During the specification process we'll discuss your parameters (size, riding style, terrain, ...) and determine if that is adequate.  If you need or just want the added piece of mind from a 24 front/28 rear wheelset then there is no additional charge.  Beyond that we will have to do some figuring.

Spokes are available in standard colors of silver or black.  Powder coated white spokes can be supplied for an extra charge.  In fact ANY color (or combination of colors) can be provided.  I am lucky to have access to one of the finest powder coating facilities in North Georgia.  Let your imagination run wild! 


BHS Chromoly Skewers.jpg

Lightweight skewers are supplied with all wheels.  My favorite has a hollow chromoly shaft and weighs only 57 grams for the pair.  It has a very nice and secure locking action.  Unfortunately it is only available in black, red, and silver.  For other hub colors I will substitute a titanium set to match.  If you go with white hubs then let me know what color skewers you would like.  I can only get white in a heavier alloy style skewer.


Looking for an integrated handlebar/stem combo?  Ready to splurge on some carbon cages?  Contact me and let me know what parts you are interested in.  I'll see what kind of pricing I can get from one of my suppliers.  Who knows ... maybe that carbon part is closer than you thought.