If you want the ultimate in weight and handling then you're looking for tubulars.  If you are looking at this page then I figure that you are a pretty seasoned cyclist.  Sure gluing tires can be a pain, but they ride so nice.  If you are considering these for cyclocross then let me know.  Disc hubs and disc specific rims (no brake track) are options.


If clinchers are the workhorses then tubulars are the thoroughbreds.  I can build these in a variety of depths with 38mm and 50mm being the most common.  Want a set of ultra light wheels for the mountains?  How about a 1,070 gram set of wheels?  Just let me know what you are looking for and we'll try to find the right build for you.

All of these rims are 23mm wide providing an aerodynamic advantage over the old style vee shaped rims that were less than 20mm wide.  Be careful when comparing, many of the less expensive wheels offered are still using the narrow rims.  Make sure to ask!  Like the clincher rims, these rims have a smoothly rounded nose section.  The combination of wide rim and rounded nose gives these wheels most of the handling benefits of wheels costing over three times as much.

$640 Base Price per Set  (38mm  deep)

$660 Base Price per Set  (50mm deep) 

Contact me for other pricing on other sizes

Each set of carbon tubulars includes:

  • 23mm wide carbon rims with external nipples
  • High quality alloy hubs with cartridge bearings (Shimano 10 speed standard)
  • Sapim CX-Ray spokes (silver or black)
  • Lightweight skewers
  • Carbon specific brake pads