Let's be real ... nobody likes gluing tubulars.  And nobody likes being out $70 for a flat tire.  Over the last couple of years the advancements in both carbon specific brake pads and brake track construction have resulted in huge performance increases for carbon clinchers.  Sure, you will still have major problems if you drag your brakes for miles going down a steep mountain grade.  But for day in and day out convenient performance it is hard to beat a nice set of carbon clinchers.


38mm carbon clincher

38mm carbon clincher

These are the most popular wheels in my line up.  I commonly build these in 38mm, 50mm, and 60mm depths.  They are also available in 24mm and 88mm depths.  Quite simply, I have been very impressed by the performance of these rims.  Paired with a standard 23mm tire these rims form an extremely smooth transition between the rim and the tire sidewall.  Not only is this fast ... it is extremely stable too!  These rims do not have the extreme U-shaped nose that many manufacturers have been marketing.  The nose is smoothly rounded and handles much better than the older vee shaped rims.

50mm (left) and 60mm (right) carbon clinchers

50mm (left) and 60mm (right) carbon clinchers

These rims feature a basalt braking surface for increased performance.  They are available in UD or 3k weave.  All of my wheels use external nipples for ease of service.

$760 Base Price per Set  (38mm deep) 

$780 Base Price per Set   (50mm deep) 

$800 Base Price per Set   (60mm deep) 

Contact me for pricing on other sizes

Each set of carbon clinchers includes:

  • 23mm wide carbon rims with external nipples
  • High quality alloy hubs with cartridge bearings (Shimano 10 speed standard)
  • Sapim CX-Ray spokes (silver or black)
  • Lightweight skewers
  • Velox rim tape installed
  • Carbon specific brake pads


Coming soon!